Moomba Monarchs

Hear ye, hear ye! Introducing our newly crowned 2024 Moomba Monarchs: game-changing children’s entertainer, Emma Memma, and comedian, actor and television/radio personality Pete Helliar.

  • Emma Memma

    Emma Memma is a beloved children's performer changing the landscape of kids' entertainment and education.

    Emma Memma gives everyone the opportunity to experience the joy of singing, dancing and signing Auslan.

    Empowering the next generation through movement, creativity and friendship, Emma Memma embodies everything Moomba is – inclusive, exciting, and a whole lot of wholesome fun!

  • Pete Helliar

    Pete Helliar has been a celebrated fixture in the Australian media landscape for 25 years.

    First bursting onto our screens as cast member on Rove in 1999, Pete has gone on to create, produce and star in a number of successful TV Shows, and perform stand up all across the country. A man of many talents, we also remember him as host of The Project, author of much-loved and best-selling children’s book series, Frankie Fish and Herman Crab, and his own podcast, You Ain’t Seen Nothing’ Yet. This year he is performing his new stand-up comedy show Pete Helliar – Gives Zero Flips at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival in March.

    Now he’s preparing for his greatest role so far…as our 2024 Moomba Monarch!

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