Aided by a nifty flying machine or simply superhero bravado, courageous competitors don inventive homemade flying devices as they hurtle themselves over the Yarra all in the name of charity and – of course – a whole lot of fun! A fundraising battle unlike any other, competitors are busy raising money in the lead up to their leap. Kicking off on Sunday 10 March from 11am, the ridiculously hilarious Birdman Rally is a long-held Moomba tradition that is guaranteed to have you in stitches.


  • Team Diadem

    Birdman Rally regulars Diadem, pilot Adrian (The Chan Man), and his crew of Melbourne icons join him on a journey Back to the Future! Cruising at 88 km/h in the wondrous Tramlorian, his flight will be spectacular! The team is raising money to support Haven House, a purpose-built refuge for young women escaping early or forced marriage.

  • Girl Guides Victoria

    Let’s hear it for Girl Guides Victoria as they return for another year at the Birdman Rally. Taking centre stage this year is none other than Pilot Ruth, a seasoned adventurer, with over 12 years in Girl Guides. Watch her take flight in a Magical School Bus inspired craft fuelled by Girl Guide Superpower and designed to honour their chosen charity, State Schools’ Relief.

  • GOSSamer Wing

    Get ready for the return of Birdman Rally veteran, Pilot Andrew. With years of Birdman experience and a handyman’s expertise, will Pilot Andrew’s determination and hang-glider-like craft take him further than his fellow Birdmen? Find out as Pilot Andrew soars into the skies to raise funds for his favourite charity – the Peter MacCallum Cancer Foundation.

  • PD Avengers

    Stepping up this year is Pilot James, leading the PD Avengers as they bring their superhero-like flying skills back to the Rally. Swift, lightweight and built for long distance, Pilot James fearlessly leads the team to take flight and raise money for Fight Parkinson’s.

  • Emma Memma

    Hold onto your hats because Pilot Emma Memma is about to take flight! Our 2024 Moomba Monarch, beloved children’s entertainer of both screen and stage, Emma Memma is strapping on her wings and taking the leap. With her inflatable green plane and fearless spirit, Pilot Emma’s jump promises to be an unmissable spectacle in support of Expression Australia.

  • Gandalf the Grey

    Returning to the Yarra bank for the 20th consecutive year, Pilot Scott brings two decades of experience to the competition. The question looms: will he reach new heights, or will he make a head-first splash in the waters? Find out as he endeavours to raise funds for Make-A-Wish Australia.

  • Big Daddy Nacho

    Make way for Pilot Jayjay, long-time spectator turned first-time participant in the Birdman Rally. Inspired by years of watching the Rally, Pilot Jayjay takes flight to raise funds for Autism Awareness Australia, dedicating his daring endeavour to his eldest child.

  • In Honour of Luke

    Pilot Michael is back for his 16th Birdman Rally. This year, he engineers a mono-wing glider that’s ready to take off, jumping in honour of his late brother Luke. Pilot Michael dedicates his flight to MS Australia, a charity focused on making positive impacts to those with multiple sclerosis.

  • Team Alfred

    Pilot Nairn embodies the natural airborne qualities with a large-scale, colourful butterfly craft in collaboration with Mordialloc Beach Primary School students. Keep your eye on this ecstatic flyer as they take to the skies flying in memory of Morgan Mansell and honouring the Alfred Foundation as their chosen charity.

  • The Island of Men

    Pilot Kristopher is ready to reach new heights and pioneer his team, blending Edwardian charm with modern values. With the whole crew in Victorian attire, this team aims to embark on a journey and fly high, or low, while raising money for Mens Wellbeing Inc.

  • Lord of the Pies

    This flyer is a full-time sports lover, passionate foodie and a second-time pilot. When he’s not training for Birdman, he can be found working as the British Consul General. Join Pilot Steph as he returns to the Yarra for another Birdman Rally where he hopes to fly further than he did in 2022, which shouldn’t be hard. Pilot Steph is soaring to raise money for the Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation.