Moomba Long Weekend 9-13 March 2023



The hilariously spectacular Birdman Rally is a long-held Moomba tradition that sees courageous competitors hurtle themselves over the Yarra all in the name of charity.



A fundraising battle unlike any other, competitors are busily raising money in the lead up to their leap. The amount they raise will add extra points to their final score. Read on to learn about their charities and donate to their causes.

  • Daniel Mazzei

    He’s a legend in the Birdman history books, having taken home the number-one spot back in 2018, and now Pilot Daniel returns to the platform to wow the crowds once more. Along with his champion status, he’ll be relying on a lightweight craft made of foam and PVC pipe to set him apart from the rest. Raising money for children’s charity, Braveheart, we’ll be keen to see if he nabs the winning trophy once again.

  • Diadem

    It’s the seventh Birdman year for this team who are set to combine their skills in design and industrial engineering and build a craft like never before! Pilot Kate is ready to take flight on behalf of the team on her maiden voyage but will her newbie status and lack of flight hours put her into flop mode? The team will be raising money for the Alannah & Madeline Foundation – a charity that supports the rights of children and young people everywhere.

  • Girl Guides Victoria

    Let’s give a big Moomba welcome to Girl Guides Victoria as they return to Birdman for another year of flopping and flapping dramatically into the murky Yarra River waters. This year, they’ve put forward Pilot Georgia to take the helm of their trusty flying machine, which they’ve designed to honour their chosen charity, HeartKids. And as for Pilot Georgia, she’ll be dressed up as a superhero on the day and channelling their special powers to see their craft take flight.

  • Gossamer Wing

    The rookie pilots better have their game face on because Pilot Andrew is back and he’s the longest-standing participant in the Birdman Rally. With years of experience under his wing and a long-standing career as a handyman under his belt, this regular jumper is set to wow crowds once again with his impressive hand-made craft along with a decent dose of determination. He’s all set to raise a big pile of cash for his charity of choice – the Peter Mac Hospital.

  • PD Avengers

    Make way for Pilot Geoff and his dedicated team of craft builders and cheerleaders – the PD Avengers. Raising money for Fight Parkinson’s, this brave contestant and his crew will be putting all of their energy into this year’s Birdman Rally with a superhero-themed craft that’s all about aesthetic appeal complete with a ‘jet engine’ and ‘flames’ at the rear. Don’t expect a long flight though, the PD Avengers predict a fast descent and a giant flop into the Yarra.

  • Rob Mills

    Hold the phone, we’ve got a VIP pilot in the house! Our Moomba Monarch and much-loved entertainer of the screen and stage, Rob Mills, is stepping up his royal duties and getting the pilot goggles ready to take that fateful leap. Always a showman, and not one to shy away from a challenge, Rob’s jump is one you won’t want to miss at this year’s Birdman Rally. Rob will be raising funds for The Australian Children’s Music Foundation Ltd.

  • Santa's Sleigh

    Let’s hear it for the big man in the red suit as this pilot dressed as Santa will be ho ho ho’ing all the way to the platform in his makeshift sleigh pulled by a team of trusty reindeer. Can he channel the magic of Christmas to push him further than his fellow Birdmen or will his lightweight craft made of pool noodles let him down? All will be revealed on the banks of the Yarra as Pilot Scott works on raising funds for Make-A-Wish foundation.

  • The Flying Loon

    Pilot Annabelle’s bucket list dream is about to come true – to fly in the prestigious Birdman Rally. Being a proud Melburnian herself, she’s drawn her craft inspiration from our beloved city and used recycled materials, homemade glue and reused shopping bags to create a hand-glider-type contraption for her inaugural flight. Keep your eye on this first-time competitor as she set to take to the skies in honour of her chosen charity, The Smith Family.

  • The Firey Flyer

    Pilot James is a triple threat – he’s a CFA volunteer firefighter, a father of three and a returning Birdman competitor, making him one of the bravest and most fearless in this year’s rally. With a fire truck-themed craft made of lightweight materials such as cardboard and foam board, we’ll be cheering him on from the sidelines as he gets set to soar or plummet off the platform and into the Yarra. Pilot James is fundraising for Lifeline Australia.

  • Tristar Flyers II

    Pilot Rachael is back in the rally for the second year running; get this, she’s training to be a real-life pilot! Having come from an aviation family, this competitor knows what it takes for a successful flight having been in the cockpit many times. Raising money for Wheelies with Wings – a charity that provides free flights for sick children – this fearless competitor is getting set for the most important flight in her pilot career.

  • Weber the Wedgie

    He’s been to Spain for the running of the bulls, jogged in the Melbourne Marathon and tackled the Kokoda Trek and now Pilot Michael is putting the 2023 Birdman Rally on his list of big-time achievements. He’s really going all out for the event, drawing inspiration for his craft and costume from the mighty native Australian wedge-tailed eagle – impressive. This father of three will be raising funds for the Belmore Special Development School.