Moomba Long Weekend 5-8 March 2021
Sunday 8 March, 11.30am

Birdman Rally

Will they flop or will they fly?

Aided by a nifty flying machine or simply superhero bravado, courageous competitors don inventive homemade flying devices as they hurtle themselves over the Yarra all in the name of charity and – of course – a whole lot of fun! A fundraising battle unlike any other, competitors are busily raising money in the lead up to their leap. The amount they raise will add extra points to their final score. Kicking off at 11am on Sunday 8 March, the hilariously spectacular Birdman Rally is a long-held Moomba tradition that is guaranteed to have you in stitches.

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Fly Competitors

These competitors don't mess around – they mean business and bring top quality sportsmanship, building techniques and aerodynamic expertise to the competition.

Double Trouble 2.0

Flying in all the way from NSW is a team of Parkes Christian School Design and Technology students with a pretty handy set of skills. Mixing brain power and community spirit together with a history of past-Birdman flights will make for a monumental flight all while raising funds for Georgie’s Pantry and the school. Pilot Thomas has high hopes this year as he gets set to bring home the trophy.


Fidelis et Fortis II

The gang behind Fidelis et Fortis II – translating to ‘faithful and strong’ – are asking all the other pilots to step aside as they bring forth their mighty craft for Birdman 2020. Confidence is key with this crew from St. Columba’s College and Pilot Camille, they’re predicting a record-breaking flight as they raise money for The Sisters of Charity Foundation.


GOSSamer Wing

Goss is back in the cockpit for another round of Birdman madness. But will all these flying hours put him ahead of the young guns? All will be revealed when he works towards his fundraising goal for Peter MacCallum Cancer Foundation and bring forth his ye olde GOSSamer Wing on the big day. He’s putting all faith in this one-of-a-kind contraption in hope of bringing him to the top of the scoreboard.


Kavinci Flyer MKII

Pilot Michael could be dubbed the OG of the Birdman Rally. He’s been making momentous leaps into the Yarra since 1991, each year fine tuning his design, athleticism, form and fundraising goals for a charity close to his heart – MS Australia. With inspiration coming from history’s most inventive designer – Leonardo da Vinci – we can’t wait to see what nifty features this year’s craft will be showing off at this year’s rally.


Kingswood Flyer

It’s year two for this crew from Kingswood College who took to the skies in 2019 with great(ish) success. Do they consider themselves experts? Yes. Will they reach the coveted #1 spot? Who knows. Whatever the outcome, pilot Adam and his team are aiming to fly their contraption for an ambitious 9 metres and raise a good chunk of cash for the their chosen charity – Cancer Council.



Armed with a team of expert engineers and a dedicated cheer squad, Pilot Anna from the Metro Tunnel team is gearing up for her brave jump across the Yarra all to raise funds for the Victorian Bushfire Appeal. Keep a close eye on Metrobird’s inaugural flight, it’s bound to set the bar for future competitors with its aerodynamic construction not to mention the crew’s cult-like commitment.


The Glorious Glider

Team ‘This Year, We Fly!’ are channelling pilot legend Amelia Earheart for their cross-Yarra flight. With one year of Birdman under their belt and the brainpower of a talented bunch of engineering students, could this be the year Pilot Sam breaks a record? Let’s give a round of applause as the crew amp up to full throttle and raise funds for the Asylum Seeker Centre Resource Centre.


Flop Competitors

These competitors are in it for a bit of a hoot. They may not fly the furthest or have the fanciest craft but they sure have the gusto and enthusiasm to at least take that brave leap off the platform.

Coloured Culture Vulture

With a colourful costume, some nifty dance moves and a potential belly flop, Pilot Ché is set to take a leap of faith into the Yarra in his extraordinary flying machine. When it comes down to it, Ché and his team will need to have enough gumption and gusto to ensure a lengthy flight. The best part? It’s all in the name of raising money for Artists for Kids Culture.


Paper Plane

Who would’ve thought that the humble paper plane would lead to the inspiration behind a craft? Thanks to their skills in industrial design, a knack for origami and Pilot Todd’s pole vaulting expertise, we reckon this team will hit the leader board. A generous pat on the back to them for raising some serious coin for the Property Industry Foundation.


Dogs for Kids Mystery Tour

Pilot Guy is a pretty fly guy. He has one Birdman flight under his wing and if last year’s Frankston High School cheer squad is anything to go by, the vibes coming from the crowd will give him a decent push to get him across the river. It’s clear this team are doggo lovers, Guy will be dressed as celebrity pup – Scooby Doo and their charity of choice is Dogs for Kids.


Ghost Rider

Pilot Daniel is back in the rally after a phenomenal win at 2018’s event. This year, he’s going full Tom Cruise on us looking to Top Gun for the inspiration behind his craft and costume. Will he take home the coveted trophy once again or has he lost his winning streak? One thing’s for sure, there’s a high chance he’ll hit his fundraising target for Bravehearts.


Girl Guides Flying High

Pilot Maddy goes nuts for a chicken nugget, but will her chosen power food provide enough fuel to bring a winning Birdman jump? If 2019’s flight is enough to go by it’ll be touch and go, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves. The team from Girl Guides are pulling together past experience to take their craft to new heights, all while raising money for Monash Children’s Hospital.



Move over Apollo 11, Pilot Tim is here along with his gravity-defying team – The Moondreamz. As a qualified diesel mechanic and with a degree in sports science, he’s the perfect candidate to take to the skies for Birdman. Ambitions are high with this one as the crew are aiming to raise a whopping $50K towards the Royal Children’s Hospital. All we can say to that is – go team!


Nazeem Hussain

Nazeem is taking his Monarch title pretty seriously as he prepares for the ultimate royal duty – jumping into the mighty Yarra. He’s following in the footsteps of past Monarchs – Jimmy Giggle and Archie Thompson, but will he continue the legacy of their legendary jumps as he raises funds for the Royal Children’s Hospital? With co-Monarch Julia Morris leading his support crew, it’s a yes from us.


The Rotacopter

Pilot Reggie and his team from the Gateway Rotaract Club have been busy chipping away in their workshop to create their world-class flying machine – The Rotacopter. Part bamboo, part glue, part silk, The Rotocopter, in its inaugural Birdman flight, is set to glide, slide and catapult into the Yarra all for a very good cause – End Polio (Rotary International).


Wright Flyer 1

Wright Flyer 1 is here with its impressive construction inspired by flying legends – the Wright brothers – and the first aeroplane ever made. Pilot Scott’s craft will take to the skies for a gravity-defying display of sportsmanship as he leaps into the Yarra for Make-A-Wish Australia. It’s not Scott’s first rodeo either, he’s been jumping since 2004 so this is one competitor to keep an eagle eye on.