Birdman Rally

Sunday 12 March, 11.30am

Will they flop or will they soar? Aided by a nifty flying machine or simply super-hero bravado, courageous competitors don inventive homemade flying devices as they hurtle themselves over the Yarra all in the name of charity and – of course – a whole lot of fun!

A fundraising battle unlike any other, participants compete as either Hawks or Penguins and are busily raising money in the lead up to their leap. The amount they raise contributes extra ‘length’ to their total distance – so even if a Penguin flops they can still take out the Charity Jackpot.

Held on Sunday 12 March, the hilariously spectacular Birdman Rally is a long-held Moomba tradition that is guaranteed to have you in stitches.

Find out why our Birdmen are taking the honourable leap for charity and donate to their cause through everydayhero.

The Hawks

Hawks have sharp bills and acute eyesight. They’re serious flyers – usually competing for distance not creativity. Hawks have the technical advantage – but can they fundraise like a Penguin?

Hawk competitors

The Empire

He’s a first-time Birdman but Jon might just be the darkhorse. The Construction Coordinator teamed up with his colleagues to build The Empire – named after the building they’re currently working on. With input from all of their varied specialist trades, we suspect that this craft might just have what it takes to go the distance. Charity: RSPCA.


Pilot Scott 'Danger Bloke' is a Birdman veteran. He’s been braving the Yarra every year since 2004. A daredevil stuntman by day, Scott’s been working with a team of engineers to create his X3 craft (earlier models X1 and X2 didn’t survive testing), which he is confident will soar far enough to take the title. Charity: Make-A-Wish Foundation.

Frankenstein’s Bride

Pilot Aaron’s been doing the Birdman Rally for years. In fact, this will be his twelfth year soaring over the Yarra! A lot of thought went into Frankenstein’s Bride. The craft took three months just to design and a further three months to build. Considering this and his experience we’re thinking Aaron is going to do alright. Charity: Royal Children’s Hospital.

GOSSamer Wing

Fun fact – Andrew’s been competing as a Hawk for quite some time, yet despite his yearly flights, he’s had little flying success. But this year, he promises, is going to be different. The GOSSamer Wing took 15 hours to design and at least 100 hours to build. He’s confident he’s sorted out all of the technical stuff and that this time around he’ll soar. Charity: Peter McCallum Hospital.

Soaring Eagle

Fans of Birdman will know Michael. Competing every year since 2005, he’s won the longest distance 10 times and the Charity Jackpot prize three. This year he’s flying the Soaring Eagle, which took 20 hours to design and 40 hours to build. Needless to say, the other competitors are going to have to bring their A game if they plan on beating him. Charity: MS Australia.

The Parkes Flyer

The Parkes Flyer crew is back after their 2015 debut. Travelling all the way from rural NSW, the team is made up high-school students from Parkes Christian College. Armed with their mathematical and engineering nous the talented young team have constructed one of the more technical Birdman crafts. But can it take out the top spot? Charity: JDRF Australia.

Elenberg Flyser

Joshua and his team are from architecture firm Elenberg Fraser so we’re expecting their craft to be excellently designed. For Joshua, pilot of the Elenberg Flyser, the team’s fundraising efforts are personal. His son suffers from Diamond Blackfan Anemia and he hopes his leap will spread awareness about the rare blood condition, which has no cure. Charity: Captain Courageous Foundation.

The Penguins

Penguins love a good laugh and doing something a little crazy for charity. Not a great flyer, Penguins might be the underdog but they sure know how to fundraise!

Penguin competitors

The Grovedale West UFO

Jase competed in last year’s Birdman Rally and absolutely loved it. So we’re not surprised he is back for round two. Rather than building his flying device himself, Jase utilised the talented bunch at Grovedale West Primary. He is more than confident in the students’ engineering skills and expects to soar over the Yarra come March. Charity: Movember.

Wings of Destiny

Wings of Destiny pilot, Michelle, grew up watching the Birdman Rally and just loves the idea of doing something outrageous for charity. She competed in last year’s rally and took out the Funniest Moment Award. A balloon twisting master, Michelle is set to spend at least 10 hours assembling her Pegasus balloon craft right before she takes flight. Charity: Destiny Rescue.

Wallara Weapon

The Wallara team is back – this time around flying the Wallara Weapon! Inspired by the joy of flying, the “epic” craft took little more than two minutes to design and six hours to construct. Their pilot Stacey says there’s a good chance she’ll flop but if that happens it’ll be done with a whole lot of “grace and style”. Charity: Wallara.

Titty Titty Bang Bang

Shae’s the mastermind behind Titty Titty Bang Bang. After watching last year’s event, her children thought it’d be pretty cool to represent their school, Beaumaris North Primary School, while raising money for breast cancer research through Love Your Sister. The charity’s co-founder, Samuel Johnson, got wind of their endeavour and volunteered his services operating the ‘boobchute’. Charity: Love Your Sister.


Deborah may well be a Penguin but she’s not one to underestimate – her team took out the Charity Jackpot in 2015. Along with her committed crew, who spent over 30 hours creating their pTEARodactyl dino craft, Deborah is back and plans on fundraising like no other to gain the extra metres needed to snag the prize once again. Charity: TEAR Australia.

But I Fly

Say hi to James. He’s been our Penguin mascot for the past three years. Sick of being at the sidelines, James has decided to make the honourable Birdman leap. Armed with a hot glue gun, he’s been busily working away on his butterfly inspired craft. While he’s not super confident he’ll fly, he’s sure he’ll at least make it into the Yarra. Charity: Youthlaw.

Bird of Paradise

First-time flyer Stefanie is making the trip from Bendigo to compete. The passionate animal advocate took inspiration from stained-glass windows and butterfly wings to create her colourful Birdman craft. Along with her giant wings, Stefanie has a whole lot of enthusiasm and we reckon this underdog might go further than you think. Charity: Bendigo Animal Welfare Centre.

The Brunswick Archer

The Brunswick Archer team was inspired to take part in the rally because of their daughter’s prior efforts raising money for Children’s Cancer Foundation. After watching last year’s event, the team thought Birdman was a great opportunity to raise additional funds and to get Brunswick North Primary School involved. Being the team player that he is, Robert has taken on the pilot duties. Charity: Children's Cancer Foundation.

Prize Categories

Charity Jackpot

First Place Hawk

First Place Penguin