Enjoy the thrills of the famous Moomba Carnival every day and night of the festival!

With rides to suit both the big and little kids and enough fairy floss and hot dogs to feed an army, Moomba’s Carnival has something for everyone. Daredevils can get their thrills on Moomba’s most-exhilarating ride, The Beast, which reaches speeds of 120kms per hour and swings 38 metres high! Little ones can get involved in the action at Little Land in Alexandra Gardens, while adrenaline junkies won’t be disappointed with the country’s best extreme rides on offer across Alexandra Gardens and Birrarung Marr.

Rides at Moomba
Ride Cost Location
Crazy Coaster $10 North Carnival
No Limit $20 North Carnival
Skyflyer $9 North Carnival
Skyline Wheel $9 North Carnival
Spook Castle $10 North Carnival
The Beast $15 North Carnival
Alien Abduction $9 South Carnival
Bungy Trampolines $12 South Carnival
Crazy Cars $9 South Carnival
Extreme Speed $20 South Carnival
Freak Out $10 South Carnival
Monster Trucks $6 South Carnival
Pirates Revenge Log Flume $10 South Carnival
Race O Rama $6 South Carnival
Rock n Roll Matterhorn $10 South Carnival
Rock Star $10 South Carnival
Simulator $10 South Carnival
Sling Shot $35 South Carnival
Xscream Soundwave $9 South Carnival
XXXL $15 South Carnival
Ferris Wheel (Small) $7 Palm Lawn
Jumbo Flying Elephants $7 Palm Lawn
Sea Circus $6 Palm Lawn
Star Flyer $10 Palm Lawn
Auto Racer $6 Little Land
Convoy Trucks $6 Little Land
Cup and Saucer $6 Little Land
Fantasy Flyer $6 Little Land
Flying Elephants $6 Little Land
Happy Kangaroo $6 Little Land
Lolly Swing $6 Little Land
Mini Wheel $6 Little Land
Rockin' Tug $6 Little Land
Samba Balloons $6 Little Land
Bellavista Wheel $9 Star Garden